Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama holds a press conference?

Were you all a little surprised?

I certainly was. I don't recall a president elect holding a press conference to address the state of the economy or well the state of anything

so his actions, leave me thinking.

What is his motive?

is he trying to show that he is a strong leader?

did he get a briefing from the white house that was worse than he expected?

is he taking power over the leadership, now, during a lame duck session?

is he trying to assure the consumer confidence so that things don't get worse going into christmas?


Can I tell you a secret?

I fell in love with him. I loved his open candor, his smiles, his strength, his speech....his jokes. I wanted to run and buy him a hypoallergenic dog! I laughed when he called himself a mutt. I smiled when he spoke to the newsreporter with a hurt arm.

First time in a long time that this woman actually stayed paying attention to a briefing of any kind from the white house...I think September 11, a few years back was the last time.

Scares the shit out of me. Frankly, when someone is that engaging socially, I worry about them being sociopaths.


maybe I work with too many of them?

Nah, I have followed too many engaging speakers to church. I have surrendered my money, my time, my values, my adoration....

to be spiritually raped.

kicked in my blood.

I have donated money for a needy family in my church and found out later it was for their salt filtered inground pool "PRAISE GOD"....when I needed beds for my littlest children but the pastor said he prayed, and a family was in "need" so I thought they needed more than me.

I have cooked, cleaned, prayed with, cryed with, babysat for free for, created ministries.....

and left to cry alone when I lost two babies while in my womb.

and left to worry alone when my teenager needed surgery.

and left lonely, when the mother's group that I formed, started meeting without me because I was crying too much about a very recent miscarriage.

So, I'll stay glued to this mesmerizing pastor- um I mean president elect.

But I'll watch from afar; and wait....and keep my money in my wallet; my hope in check; and my adoration hidden.

Spiritual abuse has far reaching tentacles....


Laurie and company said...

right there with ya...admire from afar...see if it will blow up in our face...

crying with you, over your lost babies and for being taken advantage of in the church. not cool.


Barb said...

Isn't it funny how we still WANT to believe in good. I'm with you...wait and see, but doubt is greater than hope at this point. But then again it would have been for the other party too.

Tera Rose said...

thanks laurie- it's been awhile since I lsot those babies but every now and then when I think about things from that church; I remember the devastion. We've been out of our church now over 4 years, you would think I could just get over it..some things don't work that way.

I hope to God things don't blow up in our face, I hope that he is a FDR...or someone amazing that we need....and yet I think about how Germany thought they needed Hitler..and yet I really like obama's yeah; a nother day of scizophrenia for me.

Tera Rose said...

isn't it doubt we have felt for so long now?

the worst case scenario that I feared did not happen; I worried that Obama would win the popular..and not the electoral...and riots errupting across our nation; not meaning race riots...meaning ANGRY AMERICANS FED UP.

Kallen305 said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your babies. I too had a miscarriage once and I know how devastating it can be to your spritual being.

I can totally identify with you in regards to trusting someone or something to only see them take advantage of that. It doesn't happen that often, but when it does it hurts because you did what you did out of kindness and compassion.

Just remember you are blessed with a good heart and kind soul. While there will always be a couple of jerks out their that will exploit that, most will remember your kindess and respect your compassion.

Grace said...

I'm so sorry for your pain. "Friendly fire" produces the most devastating wounds. But I guess those of us who have experienced it are in good company. That's what killed Jesus too. He understands.

Tera Rose said...

but Im NOT Jesus...

and what I experienced was not people simply making mistakes.

The Bible says that you know God's people by the fruit that they have...and many will come in His name and he knows them not...and false teachers lest in the end even the elect be decieved if they could.

These people do not belong to the kingdom of God.

It was NOT friendly fire. It was spiritual abuse, plain and simple.

Grace said...

I agree with you. Completely. That's what I call it, too. And I've been there. More than once. There's a book you may be interested in, called, "The Subtle Power of Spritual Abuse," by David Johnson & Jeff VanVonderen. You can find it at