Saturday, March 28, 2009


I haven't written here in a while...

haven't been reading the blogs that have become family to me...

I have been politiking,
and I have discovered facebook as a way to communicate to all the others that I need to politik with me.

I guess it took my job being placed on the chopping block for me to leave the busy schedule of my children to stand up and fight this travesty that is occurring in our nation.

I am so sick of hearing about cuts because of economy.

Money is coming to our state from the feds, but our governor has refused some of it based on principle.

My biggest issues is that she intends to shut down the place I work, a residential facility that takes in children with complex needs that have been refused elsewhere.

I will fall on my feet if I loose my job, I have a degree and experience...and I'm a tough fighter.

I am worried sick about the children that we serve. The need our facility.

Here are a few links to coverage...

and yes, those are my posters...and my daughter is seen on her dad's shoulder with a poster in her hand.