Saturday, January 31, 2009

I thought I could outwit the phone company.


insane nut that I am.

I despise the fact that I have to pay for a landline phone in order to get internet service. We NEVER use the landline...well, it NEVER works. We pay for insurance on the lines but the working men tell me we don't...and in between our fifty million things that we do....we don't ever finalize the age old argument that we have with good old ma bell.

so the phone bill didn't get paid last accident that became an experiment.

our internet still worked,


we thought to ourselves, ok ok, yeah, we spoke it outloud around here.

A month of no land line and internet...

so we planned to outsmart them....

maybe they wouldn't know that we aren't paying our land line bill anymore.

we lost.

our internet went down.

so for four days we scrambled to call, be put on hold for endless hours...and finally,

I am back online!
and paying for landline service that we don't use...

and stuck with a new email address because the company merged and I can no longer own my own email...and have 90 days to forward anything saved into my new email name.

they suck.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've wanted to blog about the new president, but what can I say that no one else has said already?

I love the hope that he is inspiring, the patriotism, the inclusion...the Hope...wait, did I write that already?

I was glued to the t.v.

I cried when shots of black americans cried.

I cheered when the audience cheered.

I waited for every word he would speak, to see which profound sentence would go down in history for the generations to memorize.

Would it be the encouragement ?

the prose?

the calm self assured way he carried it off?

I hope to god that what doesn't go down in history is who wore what when.

Those comments are the first that we should get rid of in his call for us to mature and grow up.

He included all people, all colors, all religions including those with no religion.


I have a few complaints-
one, Rick Warren? to what end>? WHY?

There are very few published christian leaders that I respect and trust- how about Graham? He seems to have stood the test of time so far.

Then I was wondering, where is Maya Angelou?

until I heard the words of the new perfectly, perfect.

and another thing; we pride ourselves as Americans as transitioning the power peacefully with all of our little rituals...

come on, you don't think Michele bought that gift for Barbara without being coached, do you?

well, in my opinion, that "transition of power in a peaceful way" is symbolic of the dysfunction of our nation.

It illustrates the elephants on our table.

The ability of Americans to pretend all is well as people in our own cities are starving, drugging, dying and homeless.

wow, sounds like a subject by itself to blog about.

The only truth I witnessed in the transition of power was Cheeny.

Come on now, you don't really think his attitude was because he was in a wheel chair the day he left office do you?

I think he used that as an excuse because he was pissed he was leaving office- leaving power- and giving that power to the other side; not only to the democrats but to a black man.

and as he was giving power over- the entire country REJOICED as did the world...

that is why he was scowling....

As the helicopter left, and everyone waved a fond farewell to the Bush family; this woman screamed with joy at the top of her lungs...

farewell crook, liar, murderer....farewell...oppression, hatred, exclusiveness...farewell....

now, let's hope that this new president stays on track and lives up to half of what we wait for.....

and may God, whomever God is, be with them.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

SUV - special victims unit

any one else get traumatized by this show last night?

anyone else ready to pull off all pictures of their children anywhere on the internet, like STAT?

this happens to me from time to time.

I write here like it is a free extension of my mind- a diary that once in a while a friend pops in and writes a comment.

Then I watch Law and Order SVU- which I love.

I admit; I Am a LAW and Order junkie...

until they put those freaky stories on about children.

then I want to erase all my blogging- and well, hide my children in a cave underground for a while because the world is big, bad and ugly.

where's the balance guys?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Christmas tree is still up!

It is January 14th, and yes, my christmas tree is still up!

I am just not ready to take it down yet. This christmas was filled with so much busy-ness that I never had a night to sit under the lights and enjoy it.

I like to do that at christmas time, sit there with a hot cup of tea and soak it all in.

It's my version of yoga, I think, my once a year chance to empty it all out and relax.

but this year?

I served dinner at my home on christmas eve, then sent the kids to bed because according to NORAD, Santa was in Ireland about to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Santa came, and I had to rush to work. I worked 11pm to 7am...and rushed home before the kids woke up to see what Santa left for them.

I worked a lot through out the winter break, that and blizzards, colds and therapy schedules have kept me running- have kept me from having time to post photos...

and now I sit here, a deep freeze coming in our way on the wings of another storm tonight...

and hope that tonight will be the night I can sit under the tree lights and reflect on last years happenings.....

so that this tree can come down before valentine's day.

hey, this tree still has all it's green! we cut it down the friday after thanksgiving and it still has all it's green needles......amazing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I love snow days,
maybe it's the excitement of my own childhood that causes me to wake up before 5 am to turn on the news when there is the anticipation of a storm coming to New England..


maybe it is the feeling that I have stolen a day back with my kids from the school system.


maybe it is the excitement that comes from not being able to control weather- like when preparing for a hurricane.


maybe it is the feeling that in the midst of a terribly busy schedule; weather comes to stop our craziness for a moment and gives us a locked down un planned time with family.

yeah, that's it.

I woke up this morning, turned on the news and waited....
school is cancelled, YEAH!

so in anticipation of power outages; I filled up the tub with water (for those with city water- if you have a well, it needs electricity to bring up the water- so you can't flush your toliets without water- filling your tub insures that you can still flush), I gathered emergency candles, cooked food items, and had my husband stoke up the wood stove.

I just fed the kids a big breakfast- home made pumpkin bread with chocolate chips toasty warm from the oven, eggs, and hash... made up an incredible omlet for the adults (kids don't like mushrooms, onions, and peppers)...

so if we can't open the frige- we're full anyway....

gonna head out the door with ice skates on because here in southern New England- we are in cased in ice.

and the good news? We're all home safe, warm, fed and together


Monday, January 5, 2009

January musings...

it's that time of year...

time to catch up on medical appointments for everyone,
time to pack away the christmas things.

time to sort through the "stuff" that is multiplying
and donate some to freecycle.

It's time to put out birdseed and watch the birds come,
put on ice skates and rub baby oil on cheeks,
measure ski fittings,
and blow up inflatable tubes for sledding.

the cabinet is stocked with hot cocoa
and soup makings.

and me?
I'm curled up on the coach memorizing the products in the seed catalogs.

soon....very will be time to start ordering!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years! It's 2009 and the economy,

must be doing better because I heard on the news that there is a new ball that fell at Times Square last night:

"At first glance, the new ball set to drop over Time's Square this New Year's Eve looks a lot like designs from years past. However, the updated ball is twice as big as previous versions (12-feet tall, 5,385kg) and it will be the first to be a permanent year-round fixture atop One Times Square. Besides its size, the ball is decked out with 2,668 Waterford Crystals and powered by 32,256 Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDS that are capable of generating more than 16 million distinct colours and billions of patterns. Essentially, it's a giant LivingColors lamp kaleidoscope for the world. [Times Square NYC]"

Now see, in my household, if we were not out of the 'red' that ball would be made out of recycled jeans or cardboard. Perhaps even fasioned out of twigs and branches from the back yard....come to think of it; that would leave a better carbon inprint as well, right?

ok, realistically I know that NYC wouldn't do such a cut back-

But I've read that this thing cost several million- imagine putting into my budget one waterford crystal during these times of 'recession'... but this thing had over 2,000 waterford crystals....hmmmmm has someone lost their mind?

do we need waterford crystals one night a year?

or jobs for families...

and what does a ball dropping have to do with the end of a year anyway?

So while the government is telling us to conserve energy; while coorporations are threatening lay offs and asking for welfare bailouts; while food lines are growing; foreclosure signs are part of the general landscape-

let's all stop for a moment to gaze upon a crystal ball to tell us that this year has just ended.

yeah, right. good night, happy new years.....and my hopes are for you all this year are to have a full belly each day, a roof over your head, warm clothes on your back and moments of laughter.