Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Christmas tree is still up!

It is January 14th, and yes, my christmas tree is still up!

I am just not ready to take it down yet. This christmas was filled with so much busy-ness that I never had a night to sit under the lights and enjoy it.

I like to do that at christmas time, sit there with a hot cup of tea and soak it all in.

It's my version of yoga, I think, my once a year chance to empty it all out and relax.

but this year?

I served dinner at my home on christmas eve, then sent the kids to bed because according to NORAD, Santa was in Ireland about to cross the Atlantic Ocean.

Santa came, and I had to rush to work. I worked 11pm to 7am...and rushed home before the kids woke up to see what Santa left for them.

I worked a lot through out the winter break, that and blizzards, colds and therapy schedules have kept me running- have kept me from having time to post photos...

and now I sit here, a deep freeze coming in our way on the wings of another storm tonight...

and hope that tonight will be the night I can sit under the tree lights and reflect on last years happenings.....

so that this tree can come down before valentine's day.

hey, this tree still has all it's green! we cut it down the friday after thanksgiving and it still has all it's green needles......amazing.


Cap'n Slappy said...

Mine is still up too. And I was just looking at it today, feeling a little guilty, resolving to take it down tomorrow because no one was coming over today. It's no longer decorated, but that is mostly the work of toy deprived puppies.Relax and enjoy your tree, I remember one year my Dad left his up until at least February, it might have been later. And left the fake snow sprayed on the French doors. Not out of procrastination. He just really enjoyed it. Hope everything is well with your family!

Valorosa said...

I know how you feel ... we spend so much time making it pretty that it should stay up for awhile.

I think we should declare all of January as part of the holidays.

Yes!? :-)