Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years! It's 2009 and the economy,

must be doing better because I heard on the news that there is a new ball that fell at Times Square last night:

"At first glance, the new ball set to drop over Time's Square this New Year's Eve looks a lot like designs from years past. However, the updated ball is twice as big as previous versions (12-feet tall, 5,385kg) and it will be the first to be a permanent year-round fixture atop One Times Square. Besides its size, the ball is decked out with 2,668 Waterford Crystals and powered by 32,256 Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDS that are capable of generating more than 16 million distinct colours and billions of patterns. Essentially, it's a giant LivingColors lamp kaleidoscope for the world. [Times Square NYC]"

Now see, in my household, if we were not out of the 'red' that ball would be made out of recycled jeans or cardboard. Perhaps even fasioned out of twigs and branches from the back yard....come to think of it; that would leave a better carbon inprint as well, right?

ok, realistically I know that NYC wouldn't do such a cut back-

But I've read that this thing cost several million- imagine putting into my budget one waterford crystal during these times of 'recession'... but this thing had over 2,000 waterford crystals....hmmmmm has someone lost their mind?

do we need waterford crystals one night a year?

or jobs for families...

and what does a ball dropping have to do with the end of a year anyway?

So while the government is telling us to conserve energy; while coorporations are threatening lay offs and asking for welfare bailouts; while food lines are growing; foreclosure signs are part of the general landscape-

let's all stop for a moment to gaze upon a crystal ball to tell us that this year has just ended.

yeah, right. good night, happy new years.....and my hopes are for you all this year are to have a full belly each day, a roof over your head, warm clothes on your back and moments of laughter.

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sandwhichisthere said...

It would seem that the New York celebration is a fitting end to the Bush administration, a time filled with sensless extravagance, a total diregard for the plight of average Americans (maybe the people in New Orleans could use some palomino horses to rebuild their lives) and the president is the poster boy for DROPPING THE BALL!
For the New Year, I wish you freedom from pain, a full belly, and a warm place to sleep. A few sausages would be nice too.