Thursday, January 15, 2009

SUV - special victims unit

any one else get traumatized by this show last night?

anyone else ready to pull off all pictures of their children anywhere on the internet, like STAT?

this happens to me from time to time.

I write here like it is a free extension of my mind- a diary that once in a while a friend pops in and writes a comment.

Then I watch Law and Order SVU- which I love.

I admit; I Am a LAW and Order junkie...

until they put those freaky stories on about children.

then I want to erase all my blogging- and well, hide my children in a cave underground for a while because the world is big, bad and ugly.

where's the balance guys?


sandwhichisthere said...

How many of those bothersome things survive the Winter depends on the snow cover. If there is a snow cover for most of Winter, more things survive due to the insulating properties of the snow. If there is less snow cover, the cold reaches further into the ground and more things perish. As far as mosquitos go, I don't know. If you really want to see mosquitos, go to Alaska. The place is crawling with them. The ice at the North Pole has so many bacteria in it that at times it turns pink from their coloring. The only places that seem to be free of all of these little demons is the desert. It has its own assortment of denizens however. Think of cactus and rattlesnakes and scorpions and ground squirrels infected with the black plague.
We are very fortunate to live in Massachusetts. The only thing to fear around here are timber rattlesnakes near the Braintree Mall and the State Legislature. I personally think that Lyme Disease comes from an inadequate daily intake of daquiris.

sandwhichisthere said...

I don't like being the harbinger of gloom but I must warn you about the day that the youngest leaves home. It is a sad, sad day. The house is frighteningly quiet. The music has stopped, the telephone rings rarely, gone is your reason for being. After about two weeks you start looking for reasons to think that times are improving.
You cook what you like and eat in silence. Every dirty dish is yours. You do laundry about every two weeks because there is no need to do it more often. You sleep late because there is no reason to get up earlier. You use the bathroom whenever you like because there is no reason to get your business done before the morning rush starts. You put away the camera because there is no reason to record any of the mundane things that happen to you. You put away the stashed supply of birthday candles because they will no longer be needed. You stop worrying about being laid-off or failing because you are no longer needed to supply food and shelter. The golden years end the day that the oldest first gets on a school bus to go to kindergarten. They do not resume the day that the youngest moves out.
There are books and social groups and hobbies in the future. They are of little value. You go to social functions and find them empty. Listening to the inane babble of your peers makes you realize that the only people that you have ever known who have an opinion of value, who think about things before they say them, whose opinion you respect, are your children. You get occasional updates about how they are doing in life. You hear from them occasionally. Rather than hearing them say "Guess what I accomplished this week." would be hearing them say "Pass the potatoes please.".
I know that there are people who, on holidays, have a separate table for the children to eat at. Why don't those people just make up a plate and go sit under a tree in the yard? Children bring a breath of newness into our lives each day. They blow the dust of complacency out of our minds and give us a new perspective on living. I would never have watched "The Breakfast Club" or "Bennie and June" without their input.
Many wise people have asked the question "Why are we here?". Go look in the cradle, you will find the answer.

Valorosa said...

LOL balance ....

good question ...

prayer keeps me balanced ...

You are the winner at A2A