Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've wanted to blog about the new president, but what can I say that no one else has said already?

I love the hope that he is inspiring, the patriotism, the inclusion...the Hope...wait, did I write that already?

I was glued to the t.v.

I cried when shots of black americans cried.

I cheered when the audience cheered.

I waited for every word he would speak, to see which profound sentence would go down in history for the generations to memorize.

Would it be the encouragement ?

the prose?

the calm self assured way he carried it off?

I hope to god that what doesn't go down in history is who wore what when.

Those comments are the first that we should get rid of in his call for us to mature and grow up.

He included all people, all colors, all religions including those with no religion.


I have a few complaints-
one, Rick Warren? to what end>? WHY?

There are very few published christian leaders that I respect and trust- how about Graham? He seems to have stood the test of time so far.

Then I was wondering, where is Maya Angelou?

until I heard the words of the new perfectly, perfect.

and another thing; we pride ourselves as Americans as transitioning the power peacefully with all of our little rituals...

come on, you don't think Michele bought that gift for Barbara without being coached, do you?

well, in my opinion, that "transition of power in a peaceful way" is symbolic of the dysfunction of our nation.

It illustrates the elephants on our table.

The ability of Americans to pretend all is well as people in our own cities are starving, drugging, dying and homeless.

wow, sounds like a subject by itself to blog about.

The only truth I witnessed in the transition of power was Cheeny.

Come on now, you don't really think his attitude was because he was in a wheel chair the day he left office do you?

I think he used that as an excuse because he was pissed he was leaving office- leaving power- and giving that power to the other side; not only to the democrats but to a black man.

and as he was giving power over- the entire country REJOICED as did the world...

that is why he was scowling....

As the helicopter left, and everyone waved a fond farewell to the Bush family; this woman screamed with joy at the top of her lungs...

farewell crook, liar, murderer....farewell...oppression, hatred, exclusiveness...farewell....

now, let's hope that this new president stays on track and lives up to half of what we wait for.....

and may God, whomever God is, be with them.

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Valorosa said...

Billy Graham has finally been enveloped in old age. I read an article on him a while ago and he is having some memory probleMs but he and his wife are just takin' it easy now.

I think he brought Warren in and the gay priest to reflect the diversity .. of religious belief and thought.

Areas where he is going to try to bridge the gaps and unify America.

The old adage

United we stand , divided we fall.

Maybe ? :-)