Wednesday, November 5, 2008

a blossom of.....hope?

ok you all know that I didn't vote and yet I can't not be touched by,

the tears on the faces of Americans,
the woman who fell to her knees in astonishment,
the roar of the noise as they partied outside the whitehouse,
the cheers from across the globe,
the poetry of still rising,

the belief that perhaps our voice might really count is lurking,
that perhaps there isn't a conspiracy to make us working slaves,

like a scared abused puppy peeking from beneath the couch to see if my new owners really do care enough to feed me and love me;

I rise slowly to good thoughts on being American,
to hope that homes won't be lost,
freedoms stolen,
earnings robbed.

Wow. I did absolutely nothing and yet it feels good today to be an American.

Were we really the first country within the slave trade to elect a black man?

Good for us.

We as a nation are maturing and growing up.

Our spirit is evolving.

Who knows, maybe we can have world peace, save the world from hunger and pollution...and leave a future for our children.

Maybe the dream still lives on. . . .


we'll see Obama....January thaw comes quicker than you think.

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