Sunday, November 23, 2008


in browsing through my photos this morning, I came across this photo that my oldest has downloaded to my computer.

my oldest is a history addict and in particular is interested in his family history.

he tells me that this family coat of arms is old because of it's colors and simplicity. (he also looked dates up on line but don't tell him I told you so)

It amazes me watching him research with such intricate detail the early formings of my father's family.

When he talks about history- albiet the male's version- he becomes alive and animated. He knows his wars, his weapons, his rulers, his governments, and the people of those times.

He actually makes me want to delve into history and learn.

The other day he asked me if it bothered me that he get this coat of arms tatooed on his arm....


he's not a tattoo kind of kid...or maybe it's me that isn't a tattoo kind of mom.

He is 21 years old- I don't recall ever asking my parents for an opinion at that age. Frankly, it could be worse, he could be wanting to tattoo a girls name on his arm. I consider myself lucky.

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sandwhichisthere said...

I have a suggestion for a Christmas present for your son. The Story of Civilzation by Will and Ariel Durant. It has eleven volumes and won't be cheap. I am finally reading the last volume, after thirty years of enjoying them all. The first volume "Our Oriental Heritage" will give him an appreciation of all of the cultures and philosophy and religions of the world. It opened my eyes to the narrowness of the histories that I had read before.
Another suggestion would be "The History of Western Civilization" by Winston Churchill. It comes in three volumes and gives an interesting view of American History from a continental perspective. I would read the entire phone book if Churchill wrote it. There is a reason that the language is called English instead of American.
If the entire sets are beyond reach, you might start with one volume a year. I would recommend "Our Oriental Heritage" first. It can turn a man into a human being. Best of luck!