Monday, November 10, 2008

A little thing I read online in the press...

Do my eyes decieve me?

"WASHINGTON – All smiles and compliments, President-elect Obama and his wife, Michelle, called on President Bush and first lady Laura Bush Monday in a White House visit that was part political ritual, part practical introduction and a striking symbol of the historic transfer of power to come. The president and Obama talked war and financial crisis. Laura Bush and Michelle Obama talked about raising daughters in the nation's most famous house."

Does this offend anyone else? Didn't we just enter the era of "change" of "openmindedness" and well, "maturity"

those are some adjectives described this week after America elected a black president.

And TWO LITTLE SENTENCES puts us back into the neanderthal period.



I hope the men shared what it was like being a daddy in the white house...and I hope that the educated women had a little more to say than how to serve tea, bake cookies and be a mommy.



How is this still tolerated???

*this article was quoted from the Associated Press


tysdaddy said...

I wonder how much of this was poor reporting by the reporter, someone probably not paying much attention. But I imagine, unfortunately, that the reporter got it right. Which is sad . . .

Cap'n Slappy said...

whew-this reminds me of the country going beserk on Hillary until she finally coughed up a cookie recipe-the press seems to need to place these women adjacent to power in a just-down-home-folks role, no type of threat, why, she's full of estrogen after all! I can't believe that this was their complete conversation. They probably mentioned their children at some point and that became the reporter's focus. It is very offensive, but then I've adjusted to being called "girl" by young men wearing ridiculously baggy pants with pictures of Al Pacino in "Scarface" on them and half of their underwear hanging out, so I might be a little worn down. My neighbor's name is Glenn, his last initial is H, I sincerely hope he's not who you think he might be. I know he's talked about his childhood in FL, so I'm hoping there's no connection, but I'm sorry either way. I have dealt with attempted suicide in my family, and there is no describing the conflicting feelings of helplessness and desperation and rage. I couldn't find an e-mail, otherwise I would have made this private,hope this is ok. My e-mail should be on Blogger id, email if there is some connection, and again, I pray he's ok. My neighbor is fine,recovering nicely and headed for some type of halfway house.BTW, I have really really loved your last few posts, read to me aloud by Shaun while I do dishes and stuff, everything's been so crazy-but as always, right on, sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!