Tuesday, November 18, 2008


that is one phrase I remember from Latin in ninth grade.

It means, "I AM"

I also remember other things...

Cultural things that our teacher told us about the Greek Civilization.
Historial things like the volcano of Pompeii.

I remember learning that our language has its meaning from early latin/greek origins.

I remember being told that the Greek word Familia..

meant anything that a man owned, including his wife, animals, house, and children.

I remember learning that it was a patriarchal and patri-lineal society.

and we read some love poems...

but they weren't for their wives.

No, their wives were kept in their homes with their children,animals and belongings..

they were for their "lovers"; other men.

Men were worshipped, revered, loved and honored.

So I come to the crux of this thought process...because that is what blogging is for me.

On my previous post, I quoted a scripture.

Of course I realized that the men being referred to had little to do with homosexuality.


Maybe I come across on my blog as simple, but I like to talk simply and be direct. I am not totally uneducated.

My point is however, that languages and cultures have shaped our current culture and values.

Especially our spiritual ones.

I pose questions to get us to think.

There really are people who take scriptures literal...and leave things out when it pleases them to do so.

that's all.

Let's all think, talk, and encourage growth.

as my kids at work would say, "it's all good."


Anonymous said...

And your questions are always thought-provoking. I hope I didn't come across as thinking you were dumb. NOT my intention . . .

I love Descartes' "Cogito Ergo Sum" Kinda ties in with your point.

Ever hear of a book called "Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue: The Untold Story of English" by John McWhorter? You'd like it . . . alot.

Have a super day . . .

sandwhichisthere said...

About the two men in one bed. I don't know if it is applicable to this case but it is a very ancient custom. It was originally meant to signify that two men had settled their differences and would live in peace. Napoleon once shared a bed with Tsar Alexander and no one could say that Napoleon was a homosexual. He was a RAGING HETEROSEXUAL. The peace that that act signified didn't last very long but the story of the deed did. Anyone who thought they had a guarantee of peace with Napoleon was living in a dream world. The man lived for wine, women, and the smell of gunpowder. He also had some very interesting views on religion. He felt that government had a negligible effect on the conduct of its citizens and that only religion could keep rich men from being strangled in their sleep. "Be good and you will get your reward later, much later.". He was a realist and at times could be harsh. That may come from the fact that he was Corsican. Even the Mafia won't mess with the Corsicans. As far as the accuracy of the King James version of the bible goes, translated from Hebrew to Greek, Greek to Latin, Latin to French, French to English. Did you ever play telephone as a kid? The King James version was authorised by the king, who had final approval on what it said. It sounds like he anticipated Napoleon by several hundred years. Did you ever read Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land? He dealt with churches and money in an unusual way. I will stop now as the last topic has set my blood boiling.

Tera Rose said...

naw, you didn't come across like I was dumb.

Im just reacting a little emotionally to that prop 8 thing.

Im not gay, it's not my battle- right?

I just feel like I wish we could live and let live in our country.

it seems to me like we have real issues to deal with- like people loosing their homes, jobs and needing to feed their families..

like wars....

and crimes against people and kids..

and then I hear that prop 8 was passed...

and I feel like, duh, how much money was wasted to fight, what ?


I mean, as far as I am concerned, WHO CARES WHAT TWO CONSENTING ADULTS DO ?

that's all...

an emotional tempertantrum.

I have them from time to time.

Tera Rose said...

now that you say that, it strikes a bell in my memory. about the two men in a bed thing.


so do you think Napolean would be raptured or Alexander...


my grandfather LOVED Napolean.that's how come I think I remember what you said, he always spoke of Napolean as if he was his personal friend.

I also get really really mad at church groups that use King James Version as solid, fundamental, living word of God.

people who haven't been taught to read king james english can use it to abuse and control people.

Kath said...

It is interesting what you say about homosexuality in Ancient Greek culture.
It was culturally acceptable for an older man to be a mentor to a younger man, whom he would teach in many areas of life. Out of "respect" for his mentor the young boy was supposed to allow his mentor to have sex with him. However it was considered disgraceful if the young man took pleasure from this. It was considered acceptable to be taking the "active" role in male-to-male sex, but the “passive” role was looked down upon and was only for slaves or young boys. It was okay to penetrate young boys and slaves but to have them do so to you was wrong. Why? Well because the "passive" role was a role for wom*n. Wom*n in Ancient Greece, like in most countries had a position only slightly higher than slaves. Of course the word "homosexual" or the concept of "homosexuality" did not exist.

Interestingly the existence of "lesbians" has been denied all over the world. Why? Well for one thing out patriarchal world seems to believe that sex without a penis, is not sex, but also it is because wom*n have historically been denied the right to even HAVE a sexuality. Women aren't equal beings with sexual desires or needs, no they are simply organisms with the purpose of breeding and satisfying men!

Of course going back to Greece, the Amazon wom*n of Lesbos clearly hadn’t herd that they needed penis.

troutbirder said...

I liked you musings. Its neat to run across someone who questions. Too much dogmatism on too many subjects of late

Anonymous said...

I'm Greek from the Orthodox church my mum has the bible in original ancient Greek text and the translation of it is (On that night, two sleeping in the same bed, one is saved and the other perishes) that is the exact and accurate translation! I have also King James and have no idea why on earth they placed (two men) in there when in the Greek it does not mention the word men at all?!!!

Men having sexual relations is a sin and will always be a sin always for it is unholy and G_d is Holy!