Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tee Pees for peas!

REMEMBER those ambitions of mine to build the teepees by St. Patricks Day??

Well, I am a little behind.

That seems to be my mantra since I have given birth in September......I'm a little behind, I'm a little behind........I'm a little behind.

puffing out those words like the Little Engine that could.

For a woman who HAD to be 15 minutes early or she was late....this mantra is one of those things that I have to let go off.

Was it one too many kid? Was it simply that I turned 40? Maybe I am having some vitamen deficiency since I gave birth. I don't know.

I did get caught up with myself but then it was time to return to work after my 6 month maternity leave.

so now I am behind AGAIN!

I find ways to beat myself.

This time? I planted 3 beds of SUGAR SNAP PEAS. This way I figure I can still replant them or plant more!

We have gathered the poles from our woods. It took some doing, if you could imagine trying to convince the 7 year old that a 10 inch round rotted oak tree that was about 10 feet long- wouldn't quite match the other limbs we found.

Then a pirate fight broke out in my yard, after all the limbs make GREAT pirate swords.

Just when we had exactly the amount of matching tree limbs that we needed, a WAIL from Sam was heard- it was time to nurse.

So the poles remain lined up- ready to go up- today?

Happy planting!

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Terra Hangen said...

Hi Tera,
Thanks for asking if we can link blogs. I added your link under Garden Blogs, and please add mine to your page.
Last week I wrote an article for a print magazine on how to grow roses, so with Tera and Rose, we have some similarity.
I will announce the article on my blog when it is published, this August.