Friday, March 28, 2008

my garlic died, AGAIN!

We frantically planted 3 beds of garlic bulbs on Columbus day weekend. Yup, we use ALOT of garlic.

We placed them all the right way. We watered them just right. As my daughter will repeatedly say about all of our plants- they need sun, water-not too much, and love.

We loved on our garlic beds, trust me, we loved on them!

Typical of New England weather, we had a break in temperature and it grew warm, so beautifully warm but in the WRONG months.

Our garlic was awakened by the heat and sprouted its greens up through the soil pointing towards the heavens.

I remember thinking to myself, ikes, maybe I should take them out?

not knowing what to do, I left them there.

The winter months finally came, freezing the green shoots, bringing tons of snow to water them....and excessive rains.

Last week when I turned over my rye grass beds (my attempts to create green compost), I checked on my garlic......and they had passed.

Perhaps heaven needs them more than I?

Never fear, we will try again and again and again.

One day soon this family will grow the best garlic in all New ENGLAND!


Jayne said...

Boy, I know nothing about planting garlic, but I am sure you will be successful again! :c)

Sherry at the Zoo said...

I've never tried garlic before. Maybe I'll continue to put that at the bottom of my list, as much as I love garlic.