Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baggies with the alligator guy?

Anyone remember them?

I swear I just bought them last year. I was making cornucopia breads for my son's kindergarten class. That's right. Homemade dough wrapped around chicken wire for 25 individual kids...when I try to be super mom, I go ALL OUT.

I had to bring the 25 cornucopias home to bake- After they were done, I couldn't fit them into any ziploc baggies.

So I put them in the BAGGIES with the alligator on the box.

Yesterday while trying to be a good mom again, I needed some.

I had sent my oldest to the grocery store for our corn beef (yup, two days late this year, I am slipping) so I called him up and asked him to get my BAGGIES.

I need them for my son. He attends a 2 hour program each day with 5 other boys. We had bought easter cups and filled them with treats. He was reaching in and eating the treats. The cups needed closure or there would be no treats for his class! IKES!

So my oldest son is parusing the aisle for baggies.

"mom, there are no boxes here with an alligator on it"

"are you sure? I know they are usually down on the bottom" I said

"do you know what BRAND they are?"

"BAGGIES" I said. I think that they are red.

"nothing here like that!"

SO while the poor boy waited, I went online. The ONLY thing that I could find was a YOU TUBE COMMERCIAL FROM (check this out) 1971!



What am I going to do????

Since it is so past time for me to reduce my carbon inprint I guess it is time for me to find a different way to keep my supermom projects fresh.

any ideas?

Now my son, he thinks I had this box in my cabinet since 1971!

I know I am loosing my mind these days but I am sure that they were still selling them 3 years ago!


Jayne said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah! I remember those! Huh, didn't know they were still around though. They had sort of a diamond shaped textured feel to them, right? Maybe you might could find some left over on-line some place?

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Ummm...I think that was before my baggy-paying-attention days, but I really like the gallon and 2 gallon sized zip lock bags that Target sells. Do have Targets where you live?

Tera Rose said...

YES jayne- the textured ones, right. I can't find them ANYWHERE online.

sherry- all the ziploc bags are too stiff and the zipper makes the bread have condensation.

I am probably going to have to use saran wrap or maybe I'll go green and pick up brown lunch bags that are bigger- or will that be killing too many trees?

I get so confused. Is plastic in our oceans worse than cutting down trees?

sounds like another idea for a blog.

Tera Rose said...