Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Little Pear Tree.....

Our new pear tree has one beautiful blossom.......
shall we all share one pear?

Our Plum tree is covered with blossoms.

Funny story about this plum tree; it was a gift to my husband when we bought our home 7 years ago. It would not grow ANY fruit. We tried cross pollinating it- and the cross polinators died.

Last year I was ready to tear it out of the ground.

I was pregnant with Sam and sick of watching it not bring plums.

When I read a tidbit about women giving birth in 2007, I learned that 2007 was the chinese zodiac of the GOLDEN PIG. Apparently rare and lucky- our new baby would be born a GOLDEN PIG.

Last summer, I went out to our Plum tree........and it PRODUCED FRUIT FOR THE FIRST TIME!

Now, I know for certain that when I bought the tree, it was labled with a picture of a purple, sweet plum.

The plums on our tree? All 20 or so of them, BRIGHT, SWEET and


I had never heard of a golden plum tree before......the fruits were wonderful.

So in the year of our Golden PIGGY being born; in the 7th year of its life, our tree produced GOLDEN PLUMS.

Let's hope it does again this year!


Jayne said...

Well now, golden plums? I've never heard of a golden plum tree either. Can't wait to see if it bears more fruit for you! :c)

Robj98168 said...

Actually I have chinese Golden Plum tree in my front yard that has bore fruit every year since about 1999. THe only problem I have with it is I have to constantly prune it every year - or the weight of the plums will break the branches!