Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thanks alot buddy....

thanks for finding my debit card, driver's license and employee i.d. and NOT mailing it to me.

Mean people suck.

Let me tell you about my day because of you.

What started out to be the day that I was to organize for Halloween tomorrow, ended up being the day spent at the Police Department.

See, You are so stupid that when you made reservations at the night club in New Haven; you gave my phone number to confirm.

What a surprise I got to find out I had reservations at a party house for 21 year olds; complete with break off rooms to make out and have sex.

I haven't even thought of that kind of fun in about 20 years.....

It was all I needed to be alerted that what I thought was my misplaced debit card really a stolen card.

Don't know where you found my card, but it was probably as I was racing through grocery stores with 3 children at heel, trying to get things done.

Couldn't you see that I had 3 children that might need that money to FEED them with?

no, I guess a night out on my back was more important to you, you selfish turd.

So, now I have to call the man who delivered a cord a wood...and tell him that the check I wrote to him that he is counting on to feed his LOCKED.

and Firestone, who fixed my car yesterday....will charge me $20 to stop payment on the check we wrote to them for $600.........

and Walmart, well, the manager isn't sure if there is a charge with a police report but there is definitly one at LOWES.

Yeah, and my supervisor is going to love to hear that I have to get a replacement work I.D. Which I will have to drive to Hartford, a good hour out of my way, with three kids, to get replaced.

And only God knows what the DMV is charging these days for a replacement driver's license.


I hope you were on camera when trying to buy a night out on my dime....Did you smile and say cheese? Cause the police are hoping so.


Grace said...

I'm so sorry for what you've experienced. I hope that card mess gets squared away quickly. That's hard for anyone, but when trying to manage three kids as well, well, it's just too much. I would not want to be that man...because God sees the whole thing and it doesn't bode well for those who trouble women and children.

Grace said...

Hi Again, I tried to leave a post on September Rose but it wouldn't accept it. I hope it's okay to reply to that post here. Regarding an alternative to Halloween stuff, please see the recent post on my blog. Though the activity was written about teens, I think it might work even better for children, because besides being fun, there's some great spiritual lessons intertwined. Blessings.

Jayne said...

What a royal pain! I hope they do catch him... the little turd head.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Bummer. Major bummer.