Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I will not be voting this year.......

now before you throw stones at me and call me anti-american;


I have a FEW issues with the candidates....

Let's talk the republican ticket. If I had one wish it would be to slap the conservative right silly for their hypocracy.

Just imagine for one moment if you would...if Chelsea Clinton were pregnant.....hmmm I can imagine it; "well, you know, the sins of the fathers...." or "well, if her father hadn't committed adultry in front of the entire nation....." or "well, her mother is so busy being a man that she didn't parent her" and how about comments about "generational curses".

Need I say more?

No, the christian right gives their applause to their candidate for being GODLY.


How about the abortion issue?

Has ANYONE read what McCAIN has voted for during the past decade? This may surprise some people but he is NOT A PROLIFER PEOPLE.

and how about that? Its ok to blow up cities with children and kill them- and pregnant women....but we are more holy if we make abortion illegal.

murder is murder.

whether for oil or self-righteousness- it's still murder.

AND this is not about the economy guys-
Democrats and republicans are going to take our money.

McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns- and trust me, it won't be long if Obama becomes president that he won't know either.

I find it ironic that the party (republican) that wants NO GOVERNMENT INVOLVED IN OUR PRIVATE LIVES...doesnt feel that way about abortion and homosexuality.

I find it ironic that the party that wants to help the middleclass, poor and underpriveleged (democrats) live in mansions over here at some of the most expensive areas (can anyone spell K E N N E D Y).

So do I sound confused?

I am not.

I am against hypocracy on both sides.
I am irritated by the belief that we as americans think we can make a difference in the vote. I am not an elector....my vote does NOT count.
I am irritated by the millions of dollars spent on all levels for the election.
I am irritated that friends and co-workers fight to the death arguing over who is the candidate from God.
I am irritated by it all....

oh, except those saturday night live imitations.

That would be a reason for me to vote republican, if my vote counted, because I could use some laughs watching those imitations of that women who I can't even say her name out loud that is how sick she makes me.....yup, could use some more laughs these days.


Laurie and company said...

thank you for posting this...

very well said. murder IS murder...is murder is murder...and the hypocrisy is getting on my nerves.

God Bless you today!


found you through Sherry's Zoo and Garden.

Jayne said...

I can fully understand how you feel with all the hooha surrounding this contentious election. I think many people are just sick of the process all together.

Scott said...

Big sigh of relief when Tuesday the 4th comes. It will all be done - thank God.

You've visited my blog several times - I've had to make it private due to the religious right in my community publicizing our family. If you'd like an invite to read it (a privilege only 100 readers get due to Blogger's rules) e-mail me at spladleguy@hotmail.com and I'll fire off an invite. BTW - your children are gems!
- Scott