Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Full Moon Strength

The sun radiates heat upon my face,
the waves are rythmatic heatbeats within my ears,
the sand comforts, a familiar warmth from the years.

opening my eyes I see the bright orange ball descending,
so strong and powerful it takes the sky with it
in streaks of orange, yellow and pink.

there are no paintings like these on any canvas
the living beauty exists only at the cape,
on its' shores, the waves beating in tune.

crashing itself loudly against the shore,
the waters carry the most powerful source of all,
taking everything back into it's womb.

listen to the stories waves tell,
of strong men devoured by the sea's desire.
of undefeatable battleships sleeping on it's floor.

listen to the ancestors cry from it's grave,
calling you home;
perhaps warning you away,

My blood beats in tune of it's own accord.
responding to those that have gone on before,
recognizing the dna in the molecules of ocean spray.

Her voice cries to me loudest of all,
a great grandmother whose name I share,
passing to me the strength from the waves.

breathing in the salt air,
I receive her strength, her wisdom,
the courage and power.

opening my eyes I find
the fire ball has gone to rest...
the bright moon rises to compensate.

the gulls call with a mocking laughter,
the moon is expansive and full,
the waves crash strongest and loud.

the mocking breaks the fantasy,
the ocean has no strength,
my blood holds no power.

knowledge creeps in,
herein lies the truth;
as the moon wanes, all will return to weak.


Cap'n Slappy said...

Oh, beautiful, but does this mean you perceive your own strength fading in the sunlight? I have a completely opposite picture in my mind of you, sort of hippy-ish surrounded by animals and children and sunflowers in a meadow in the middle of the afternoon.(weather providing, in New England). The dog front is ok, tomorrow is the end of quarantine. I want animal control to take him, because they are used to aggressive dogs, Shaun wants to take and put him down himself and bury him, but I can't imagine this going down without him biting a vet(the dog, that is). Either way, my other dog is going crazy over the separation, he can see Otis through the fence, but can't get to him, and is trying to tunnel his way under to reunite. How are your kids doing on summer break? Has summer break started for them yet?

Tera Rose said...

this was actually about a day I spent sitting at the beach years ago....searching for answers....and watching the sunset- and being amazed/afraid of the ocean's strength- and my connectedness to it- my family is all from Martha's vineyard....

and then realizing that the strength of the ocean isn't her own but controlled by moon changes...

so the strength comes and goes...

and yeah so does my strength- cycles...ying and yang kindof thing.

hippy? inside. outside...conformity is a defense mechanism :)

I graduated in 1985- when all were pro Regan- pro government- and well, I sat very confused. I remember reading about communism as a teenager- the ideal of it- and thinking; isn't that a better moral value system than capitalism??

but shh...don't tell anyone, they might lock me up with those new anti terrorism laws (that aren't really so new except that we know about it).

so surrounded by animals, children, sunflowers- and minivans, mcdonald runs, meetings...HI HO HI HO it's off to business I go...

(and you do know that I work for the state..child welfare system HA if you can't beat them,join them and change them from within)

Tera Rose said...

that was off to busy-ness I go- does anyone know HOW TO EDIT THE COMMENTS????