Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More garden blooms to share

We bought these flowers because the garden center had them at buy one get one free...

I have no idea what they are called, we call them fire crackers!

I do know sadly that they are not perennials....

and since taking these pictures I have learned to pinch them and more blooms are coming in.


Evelyn said...

Just gorgeous! :~)

Cap'n Slappy said...

Beautiful! They look sort of cosmos-ey. Thank you for your comment. That made more sense than anything I've heard about this topic to date, about the regression to wild behavior. I've had many dogs, and most of them knew to never offer to hurt a child, I don't leave them unattended in any weird circumstances but you need to trust your dog to not hurt anyone, and though I love him, it's been a long time since I've been able to trust this dog, even to be able to take him to the vet. And I did promise my son that the dog would go. I just had an emotional lapse and hoped to find a way to "fix" him. We are putting him down, it's just real crappy. Sorry to leave long comment about my own stuff on your blog, really appreciate your input and wisdom-thanks.(And no vet on the planet will remove his teeth-please believe me that this was actual printed advice from Barbara Woodhouse, my dog guru, in "No Bad Dogs").

sandwhichisthere said...

Thank you for your comment. The beauty of your mind shines through in your comments. I know there is God each time I see a new-born child. Can you imagine what a baby would look like if mankind were in charge of the development of an embryo into a baby? There would be planning committees and meetings and seminars and resource allocation charts and footnotes, lots of footnotes. All would be headed by men. The only thing that the women would be allowed to do would be to conceive and grow the baby and the baby would be delivered before the report from the budget committee was ready. When the credits were published, somehow the printer would forget to include the woman.
I took a course once called "Life in the Universe". It was taught by the head of the Astronomy department, professor Michael Pappagianos, an extremely wise Greek. He took us from the Big Bang to the beginning of life on Earth. The very last hour of the course he sat down and explained to us his faith. He explained that each time the output of the Sun varies, there is a compensating variation in the orbit of the Earth or the atmosphere of the Earth that balances it all. He told us that this cannot possibly be accidental. He was a very wise man, a world recognized authority on astronomy.
Professor Papagianos also taught us the difference between astronomers and geologists. If you walk into an astronomy seminar, the first thing that you see is an enormous table of food. If you walk into a geology seminar, the first thing that you see is an enormous table of beer and drinks.
Pear trees also need a pollinator, they are not self fertile.
In reference to the marriage comment, if a religion can control love, sex, and birth, it has control of the members. The state recognizes this. One of the first things that Napoleon did when he assumed power was to reinstate the church.
My view on the subject was best stated by an old Italian lady. The Pope was making a speech on the church's views on birth control from his balcony to a huge crowd. An old Italian lady in the front row yelled out "HEY, YOU NO PLAYA DA GAME, YOU NO MAKA DA RULES!"