Wednesday, June 18, 2008

ok I know I know

I haven't written in a while....but I will...

see, summer is here and we are OUTSIDE as much as possible....

and Sam, well, He just became mobile....

Caleb.......he just finished first grade HURRAY!

so this is the first week that we are all on our summer schedule.

I plan to catch up with Caleb on his writing and reading.....

and get Hannah ready for kindergarten.......

and get the summer projects on the house done.......

and still get to the beaches.

So, don't forget me if you don't see me as much, OK?

can anyone help me about homeschooling????

I am so WAFFLING.....back and forth, back and forth.

I am like schizophrenic.

One minute, I am DEFINITELY homeschooling everyone this fall.......and the next, well, I freak out thinking I can't possibly.

I think, I'll put them in this year to get caught up at home.

Yeah, I have A LOT to get caught up with.

or I think I just am not organized enough.......

So I have only a few more months to decide.

Share your thoughts, I am open.

I LOVE what the homeschooling moms are doing.

and yet sometimes, it just isn't me.

The good thing is that I don't have to decide for let me go back to my garden!

love ya!


tysdaddy said...

You're still in my reader, so I'll stick around to read when you find the time.

And good luck with your decision. My wife and I homeschooled for a time. I think I'll send her a link to this post and she can add her two cents.

Enjoy the great outdoors . . .

Sherry at the Zoo said...

email me at

I would love to encourage you in your homeschooling endeavors! Or at least answer your questions - LOL!