Sunday, June 22, 2008

I have a little, well two little trees.

Do you remember the mother goose rhyme?

I Had A Little Nut-Tree

I had a little nut tree, nothing would it bear,
But a silver nutmeg, and a golden pear;

The King of Spain's daughter, came to visit me.
And all for the sake of my little nut tree.

These days I am singing a similar tune....

I have a little plum tree
and nothing will it bear
but a SINGLE plum....
but it is golden


I have a little pear tree
and nothing will it bear
but a single pear....
not golden.

SO I guess when harvest time arrives,
my husband can eat his plum
and I can eat my pear,
and with the kids
we will share.

days like this make me think organic gardening stinks!

Perhaps we'll have enough raspberries......


sandwhichisthere said...

I once planted a single Japanese plum tree. Each year it was covered with the most beautiful white blossoms. The first year there were no plums so I resigned myself to just enjoying the blossoms like a dogwood. The second year I was walking by it and, miracle of miracles, there were two small ripe, red plums on it. They were the sweetest plums I have ever tasted. I wondered why, with all of those blossoms, there were only two plums. I had to move and did not take the plum tree with me. I later found out that Japanese plums require a second Japanese plum of a different variety to be nearby. They are not self-pollinating. It is not a deficiency, for neither are we. Wouldn't such a characteristic for human beings solve a lot of the world's problems? To require bonding of two varieties to bear fruit would make for some colorful family albums and a glorious Thanksgiving table. Just a few thoughts from from someone that is plum crazy and a Stanley Plum.

Jayne said...

LOL Tera! Trees are funny that way, aren't they?

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Great poetry! You are quite the writer, aren't you!

Maybe next year you'll have so much fruit you won't be able to eat it all...wouldn't that be great?