Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Twelfth Night, KungFu Panda and Merchant of Venice

since blogger isn't allowing me to show you my photos of where I've been...
let me tell you about how exciting it is that there is FREE SHAKESPEARE around here!

ARTFARM which I believe is led by Dick Wheeler of Oddfellows Playhouse...presents TWELFTH NIGHT (can you say that and not trip over the f?) at the Community College.

We watched them perform Midsummer's Night Dream two years ago and they were incredible, I was speechless.......

and we skipped last years MacBeth....see, I picked up the abridged version from the local library to teach the kids before subjecting them to old english....and missed opening night.

That was a blessing in disguise as a friend told us of how gruesome and detailed the killing of the mother in front of the children was; so we skipped it last year.

But a comedy of errors???? We are off to see it.....and around here all week are words from the abridged version of Twelfth night.

"mommy, WHY does she pretend to be a man again????"

ah my dear daughter, because in a time not so long ago, women could not be women of strength and courage.

at which point my 5 year old starts to show me all her NEW KARATE moves thanks to her attendance to KUNGFU PANDA this week. Yup, it got so hot that I begged my 20 year old to take the kids to the "theater near you" (as they call it).

I am told by my daughter that the Panda bear thought he couldn't be chosen because he was too fat. Can this be true? In the end it was his SUPER FAT belly that the villan bounced off of and was sent to the abyss. "so you see," she informs me "it was his FAT, the thing that made him think he couldnt that was the very thing needed to make him could".

wise, isnt' she?

so is Hollywood saying that it is ok to be fat??? only if you are a panda bear. LOL

I digress.

I am told that there is also a free performance of Merchant of Venice down New London way. I just may bring my family out there.....that was my first encounter with the old english and when I fell in love. While my peers in 9th grade moaned and complained; it came to me. It really did. Like somehow I may have written the very words in a previous life.

I am not blogging so much partly because we are never around but mostly because I am having major blogger issues with photo uploads. If it keeps up, I may find a new corner to blog in.

Happy summer to you all and stay cool!

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Cap'n Slappy said...

Oh, sorry to hear about photo issues, I sometimes have issues too. Loved some Shakespeare in middle school, but never really got any beyond that, especially not performed in the area(though when I misspelled "Twelfth" , on a test in my 30's, I asked my Mom, "where do you ever see this word anywhere?" and she shook her head, disgusted, and spat "Twelfth Night?")Thank you so much for your encouragement and advice. I wasn't aware of the issues with interstate degrees and schooling, and my adviser was from New Hampshire, and didn't mention it,so this is great insight, there is a great teaching college right near my family in MA. I did actually work with developmentally delayed adults and teenagers for my last 7 years in MA(I don't know the PC term currently used, we were saying"people who seek our services" in 1997), but the pay difference in FL was horrific- also no benefits, a big difference from MA. I loved my work, would love to go back to the same sort of thing, but the hours don't mirror my children's schedules at school, and I have to do that, as I don't foresee having any kind of backup other than my Mom, who will help beyond her limits until she is about ready to kill me. Thanks for the "fly, sister", I've been reading a lot of Pearl Cleage lately(if you haven't, please please start with "I Wish I Had A Red Dress"). I don't want to buy into the Oprah book club, but this lady is amazing, and I keep ending up taking home books from the library with the Oprah endorsement.(I like Oprah, I just don't see her as my god, and I really dislike her "favorite things that no regular person could ever afford so why are we making people ware of what they will never have and didn't know that they were missing until now" segment) But man, she's always right on target, and it really kicked my butt into action, a list of things that Free Women needed to be able to do. Thanks for reading my rambling post, and comment, and by the way, Slappy is still here, and must have sensed my feelings about him, because he has behaved like a professionally trained police dog the last few days.He's still not staying.