Sunday, May 4, 2008


Glenn Hagar is doing another synchroblog.

I have decided to answer his questions - each one as a separate blog post.

Please, if you are reading this synchroblog- scroll down to the first part and read it backwards.

I am new at blogging- please forgive me for it being backwards.

As other's post their blog, I'll list the links here as well.

thanks for listening.

Here are the other blogs:


shaun said...

I just found you blog , but I think I really like you.
thanks for sharing and being so open & honest.

Mike said...

You have an awesome family!! I really appreciate the honesty and gut-level emotion that you have shown in your posts and I thank you for it.

I am praying for your needs and the needs of those you love.

Heidi W said...

Wow, amazing.

shaun said...

OK, update on the goaty stuff.
So far (we are still really new at this)Goats are incredibly easy to deal with. But, you will need more than one, they get lonely.
our male was very tense and had become an escape artist. But since we got the girl he has calmed down like 200%. Now he thinks he is the guardian of the girl though.
Your plan & mission sound so cool . very much like what my wife wants to do.My wife also suggests that you get "STORIES" animal guides. She seems to think that those are about the best farming books you can get. She has gotten a few from the library.
I would also suggest that if you still want to do smaller animals to make sure you have good enclosures for them, be cages or runs but fishers seem to be pretty wily animals. I am pretty sure they are protected too. You might try and find coyote urine or I have heard of bobcat urine as well. I have never tried either but it seems it might work in theory.
I wish you well and God's blessing on your dream.

shaun said...

oops "Storey's" is the correct spelling.