Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hannah's last day of preschool....forever.

I am feeling so bummed out about my computer- I am having difficulties uploading photos- so I am anxious about some things I really want to post....

I got these photos though- so let me share a bittersweet moment.

Friday was Hannah's last day of preschool.

She has been attending the preschool for 2 1/2 years now. She loves this school, has been loved on and cared for by the staff.

Daddy works where she attends and at one point had his office door across the hall from her classroom door.

Hannah tells me that daddy can start working at the local elementary school next year so that they can still be close- and he won't miss her.

Hannah woke up yesterday crying. She really will miss her teachers- and so will I. It was a wonderful experience to leave my daughter in the hands of loving, devoted staff. So refreshing when we've come across some interesting people through the years.

I celebrate the life milestone- my daughter was successful in preschool. She is an advanced learner I am told- already computing addition, subtraction and basic math facts. She has long ago mastered writing her names and those of the people she loves. She is socially outgoing, well adjusted and interested in so many things.

and inside I cry because in the midst of her milestone is the truth that she is growing up. These wonderful early years are ending for her. I already miss them just knowing how quickly they flee.... and yet, I look forward to the maturing relationship that we will share as she grows.


Jayne said...

What a sweetie, and how bittersweet to have to leave these wonderful people. But, there are more than likely just as many more special people waiting to love and educate Hannah. :c)

Cap'n Slappy said...

oh, how sweet and it's wonderful that her first school experience was so welcoming and home-like! Oh, by the way, I'm Shaun's wife, Johanna, I've been reading your blog for awhile and I love how you write, and he keeps mentioning similarities, and there are many! Before I had kids(and for awhile after) I worked for Community Systems, as a "residential counselor" and job coach on Cape Cod(I keep looking at license plates in your pictures to figure out where you are, but none of them look like the MA plate, or RI, where my sister went to school-I'm from Plymouth MA). I admire your ability to go to work caring for people each day, and have enough left over to be Mom. That beat the crap out of me by the third child, I switched to something completely un-caretakerish by the time my third child was one(post office-ugghh). But anyway, sorry long comment, but I identify, and I hope your girl enjoys her next school as much- and with this kind of start, how could she not. It is sad how quickly they become young ladies and gentlemen, I write down all their mispronunciations so I can reminisce(particularly when they start correcting me about stuff-oh yeah, Mr. Smart Guy? Remember when you used to call the thermostat the debinstint?) Ok, sorry, I'm done! Beautiful post!

Cap'n Slappy said...

Hey, glad you came by-we are in fact about 30 miles north of Hommossasa, so basically right in the neighborhood of that area, just less bears. I once called the Wildlife police about what I thought was a black bear carcass in the woods( they are protested and monitored) and they asked me"Did it have hind legs?" and I told them no, but the torso and the big canine-y teeth and the man told me"that's a hog someone butchered and dumped-the buzzards'll get it" and it was like 20 feet from the main road! So there are definitely wild hogs here, my neighbor has them in her yard, but I think they are pretty recently "wild", it's a crazy area, one neighbor has water buffaloes, zebras and camels, and my neighbor 8 houses down raises really big monkeys. So my kids aren't really all that impressed by the zoo. It's cool though, in a Florida way. What I can't get used to is the abuse of domestic animals- we are zoned so that you can have 9 dogs per 1/16th of an acre, and never ever bring them inside. And a lot of people don't. They keep all these dogs outside, chained up and flea infested, and they get aggressive, and nobody regulates this until someone gets attacked. There is actually a "Dog Court" here, just for abuse and neglect, and one of the last cases involved a man's 2 pitbulls getting loose and killing this 8 year old girl's pet pygmy goats during her birthday party-the dude said"My dogs probably thought they were doing those smelly goats a favor"-his dogs also tried to attack her father-until they were finally shot. So, yes, it's a really rednecky area, I just tell Shaun that FL need like 200 years to catch up with New England.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Enjoy it! Soon she'll be graduating from high school....then college....