Monday, July 6, 2009

When heaven needs butterflies.......

A five year old little girl exclaimed in excitement as she prepared her project for the science fair. She held in her hands a netted container full of pupas and painted lady butteflies. She couldn't wait to show her classmates the cycle of a butterfly.

As the day progressed, all the pupas but one hatched it's beautiful orange and brown butterflies. One pupa remained hanging with no sign of life. It wasn't wiggling anymore as the other pupas had.

When the week ended, the little girl looked into the netting and asked when the pupa would hatch. Her teacher placed a hand on her shoulder and told her that this pupa wasn't going to hatch. When the little girl asked why, the teacher told her that sometimes heaven needs butterflies.

Soon the weather became warm and school let out for summer break. Over the summer there was much excitement; days at the beach, camping, bike riding and lazy days reading in her back yard.

This summer was extra special. There was news. Her mama was having a baby. The little girl was so very happy. She loved placing her head against her mama's belly and feeling her new brother or sister kick against her check.

Fall came. The weather grew cooler and crisp. It was time for new school clothes and shoes. The little girl was mostly consumed with telling her friends about the new baby.

First grade was so very different. There were lots to learn and it was a longer day. Sitting in the chair still took a lot of concentration. The little girl focused on her new studies and it helped the days to pass while she waited for her new baby.

One day she came home from school to find her mother crying in the nursery. Her mother was rocking in the rocking chair where she had held her as a baby. She climbed up into her mothers lap, kissed a tear as it slid down her check and cuddled in her mother's arms.

Her mother kept crying. The little girl stayed there without questioning; knowing that the answer to whatever it was would be very bad.

She heard her daddy's footsteps as he came down the hall and entered the nursery. He placed his hand on her shoulder and told her that there was no longer a baby in her mommy's belly.

A tear slipped out of her eye before she could stop it.

"It is so sad" she said, "when heaven needs butterflies......"

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