Friday, February 6, 2009

Our governors budget.

She released it this week. I may not be able to write it coherently here. I am wavering between shock, denial, acceptance and fear.

She is proposing that to save money, She intends to shut down the residential treatment center of which I work.

I would like to write about how afraid I am of loosing my income. The irony is all I feel is fear for the kids I work with.

Instead of reducing the ridiculous top heavy management in my agency and every other- she is turning our kids out of their homes.

I am stunned.

I am praying for a powerful Democratic blockage.

Except our commissioner visited our place today. Do commissioner's visit places unless they know it is already a done deal?

She was just arrested for DUI last week, I think she has no strength to fight the governor who didn't fire her.

I am going to have to write our governor a letter. I will not be able to sleep at night worrying about these kids. and my lost paycheck.

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sandwhichisthere said...

In reply to your comment, one way to replenish the government checking account might be for the senators and representatives and president to start paying social security taxes, stop getting free mailing privileges, start paying something towards their medical coverage, start paying something towards their retirement, and make them wear pants with no pockets. The reason they can write checks with nothing in the account is that they have a printing press in the cellar for money. They also have a building full of gold in Kentucky. As our money is not based on gold I wonder why, when gold recently sold for a thousand dollars an ounce and the only use for the gold seems to be to fill teeth, some genius in the government didn't come up with the idea of selling some of it. But they are men and we all know what happens when you try to get a man to sell some of his unusable stuff.
Your tale of Caleb brought a pleasant memory to mind. When one of my children was in the second grade I was called to the school. They were aware that she had remarkable ability. They were confused because she was only able to just finish her work a few minutes before school was over. They felt that she should be able to finish much earlier. They were in a quandry about this and couldn't explain it. As she and I drove home, I stopped at one of our favorite peaceful places and we had muffins and cocoa. I explained the situation to her and asked why she wasn't finishing her work earlier.
She replied in her innocent wise way "Daddy, if you finish early, they just give you more!". Evidently people in a quandry have no ears. They are there to teach, not learn.
You are to be congratulated. Your son wants to stay home instead of going to school. He knows that at home he is loved and safe. There are children in this country that don't feel this way. He will find his way in his own time, at his own pace. In the mean time he has you. He has great treasure.