Tuesday, September 2, 2008

WatchHill Rhode Island!

We visit WatchHill because they have flying horses.

The kids love catching the rings and trying to get the golden ring. For those who have never seen this, if you catch the "golden ring"; you win a free ride!

For me it's about memories. . . .

of a place where I visited when I was growing up:


Memories from childhood of catching the golden ring!

Memories of great grandparents, grandparents, aunts and uncles riding the flying horses; laughing together. Sounds return to me as I watch my children go round and round.

sounds of music booming from the old organ,

cranks from the rakkitty carosel going around;
clangs from the rings as we tossed them into the side box.

In the air always was heard the chatter from seagulls.

Sun warmth kissing our faces and smells from beachplum roses, lilacs, hydragnas entwined with saltwater welcoming us home to Martha's Vineyard.

We don't get to Martha's Vineyard as often as we did. Ferry's aren't as easy to get; now you need reservations well in advanced. Once upon a time we just simply drove to WoodsHole and waited for the next ferry. The cost now is over a hundred dollars just to cross the ocean. Finding a place to stay when you have 4 children isn't fun either. I would overcome all this and still go every summer if my son didn't suffer from severe sensory issues. For him, driving in a car means he gets very sick. The shortest route to vacation is the best for all.

From this obstacle we have been given the joy of discovering Rhode Island.

What do you say guys, is this place fun or what?

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Cap'n Slappy said...

Looks like a really cool vacation! I've always loved Rhode Island, my little sister went to school there and I envied her Providence lifestyle(my Datsun didn't love the hills leading up to the college in the snow, however). I'm here, sorry I haven't been posting or commenting, everything's been a little hectic even though I now have 3 FULL HOURS A DAY TO MYSELF! Completely alone! So I get to walk my dogs and clean the house and run errands and stuff before everybody gets home,and we have so much more time to go to the park and the library and just hang out with each other. My youngest is having some trouble with adjusting to preschool, so he needs a lot of attention once he gets home, and my 6 year old has a ton of homework, while my 8 year old has none. And the main reason I never get on here is that my kids have discovered Lego Digital Designer, and Roblox(another Lego site), and I have to hide the computer to keep my 6 and 8 year old from sneaking out of their rooms to go on Roblox in the middle of the night. You can build really elaborate structures on these sites, and then blow them up, which I guess is the coolest thing ever(I will never, ever completely understand the male mind, I have never had the desire to blow anything up-ok, maybe one really crappy Ford Escort I had that kept catching on fire- I should have known better, it had an "expect a miracle" sticker next to the ignition when I bought it). Could you email or post any info or links you might have about childcare grants? I wasn't able to find anything in my area except applying for cash benefits from welfare, and one really overloaded organization with a 5 year waiting list. Hope everything is great at your house, when does everyone go back to school? Or are you homeschooling? I homeschooled for 8 months, and it was great and the kids loved it and still beg me to take them out of public school, especially in the morning, but I did have spread too thin-organization issues. One book that was really great was "The Teenage Liberation Handbook" by Grace LLewelyn, much of it applied to younger kids too. There are positive aspects of both kinds of schooling. Anyway, hope you guys had a great, restfull time! And we had no hurricane action, just a lot rain and a little wind. We've had a couple of scares since I've lived here, but my mobile home has been sitting, intact, for 28 years, so I'm not too nervous.